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Tag: Behind the Scenes

Train train train…

I’ve heard quite a few project managers say lately, “I don’t have any formal project management training,” as if to discount whatever observation they were about to make, because it was “only” based on years of experience. A mix of […]

Getting things down: the case for documentation

Half way down the Agile Manifesto (a list of the principles fundamental to agile software development), it states “Working software over comprehensive documentation.”  I don’t know how many of us actually refer to the Agile Manifesto when we first get up […]

Learning from mistakes

Earlier this month we marked the 104th anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake ( The anniversary brought to my mind the confluence of Mother Nature and human nature. In this event, just as with Iceland’s spectacular ash cloud(s), we are witness […]

Start from the ground up

Have you ever been asked “how long does the task list need to be?” If so, has this struck you as code for something else? When I’ve been asked this question, I’ve sometimes thought it was genuine, but just as […]

Territory folks

I’ve had a couple of reminders this week about the perceived differences between technical team members and the rest of us. I claim the dubious privilege of straddling the fence, as a former member of an IT shop myself, so […]

Practicing at communities of practice

I like the phrase “community of practice.” It captures togetherness and the idea that we are practising something. We might not have it down pat. The notion has continual appeal, too, as an approach to knowledge sharing. When you try to create a community of practice […]

Exit Stage Left

I’ve just been involved in planning the end of a project. You might even say that we killed it before it got off the ground. At the same time, I’m helping to author a service level agreement which, of course, includes […]

Taking the Creep out of Scope Creep

You’re faced with a choice: If you pick Door Number 1, you have to add 1 new feature to the service you are creating. If you pick Door Number 2, you have to add 2 new features to the service you are creating. And if you pick […]

A habit of resilience

I’ve been reading an article in the January/February issue of Harvard Business Review (HBR), “How to Bounce Back from Adversity.” If you have access to HBR online, here’s a link. The freely available Idea in Brief is here. Based on old […]

Internships at CDL

Last Wednesday, Rachael Hu and I went to the Spring Career Fair at UC Berkeley’s School of Information. The Fair is held at Berkeley’s South Hall, an historic building on the campus. This year’s Fair had 13 “vendors” including us. The […]