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The HathiTrust Metadata Management System

Zephir ingests, stores, and manages bibliographic metadata from HathiTrust contributors and exports this data for use in other HathiTrust systems.

Prior to digital content being ingested to the HathiTrust repository, records describing that content must be submitted to the system. Once a contributor plans to submit content with HathiTrust staff, they then work with CDL Zephir staff to submit metadata for that content.

Interested in contributing to HathiTrust? Contributors can find more information on their Getting Content into HathiTrust page.

Questions about submitting metadata to Zephir? Please see the HathiTrust Bibliographic Metadata Submission page.

Zephir Team

Collett, CharlieProgrammer Analyst
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Cormack, BarbaraMetadata Analyst
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