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User Experience Design Service

The User Experience Design Service partners with CDL’s outward-facing services to ensure that users’ needs are at the heart of the products that CDL puts out into the world. We offer a full range of services ranging from assessment, to user experience design, to content development, to web production.

Our goal is to make services that are useful, accessible, and intuitive to our wide audience of scholars, teachers, and information seekers.

  • We advocate on behalf of users throughout the product design and development lifecycle:
  • We listen to users to understand their needs and motivations
  • We ask questions to define user, stakeholder, and technology requirements
  • We design experiences, test them, revise them, and test them again
  • We build, maintain, and refine technology solutions

CDL User Personas

Darcy the Digital Humanist

“I am looking for easy, seamless access to materials (papers, publications, data sets) to use in my own projects and scholarship. I publish to online journals, but also broadcast my writing on blogs and other non-traditional platforms.”

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Featured UX Activities

Web Accessibility Guidelines and Checklist (2017 – Present)

Accessible content benefits everyone. Regardless of a user’s ability, content that is created with accessibility leads to a more user-friendly experience for all. To support accessibility best practices, the UX team created a guide on how to create accessible digital content and a checklist for how to test webpages for screen readers, keyboard navigation and color contrast

UX services provided: Usability testing, content strategy


Calisphere Complex Objects (2016 – 2017)

Working with the Calisphere product team, the UX team designed a more user-friendly front-end experience for exploring complex objects within the digital archive platform. The UX team lead interviews and usability studies with Calisphere users; developed wireframes to improve the display of objects; and created a set of user-centered requirements.

UX services provided: Needs assessment, UX design, information architecture, usability testing


Dash Redesign | 2015 – 2016

The UX team contributed to the redesign of the Dash data management tool, making improvements which included simplifying the data set uploading process and enhancing the tool’s visual design. While the new and improved website launched in late 2016, the UX team continues to provide support for ongoing releases.

UX services provided: Needs assessment, UX design, usability testing


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User Experience Design Service Team

Hagedorn, JoelFront-End Web Developer
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Hu, RachaelUser Experience Design Manager
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Kratz, JohnUser Experience Designer
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Purcell, MaureenUX Content Specialist
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Satzman, EricWeb Production Manager
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Thompson, CraigWeb Producer
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