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Report a Problem


For CDL-maintained systems, check the System Status page

If an indicator other than the green light (circle) icon displays, a problem with the resource has been detected and CDL staff have been notified (during normal working hours).

For licensed resources, view announcements on the CDLALERT-L Archive

Check the archive to see if a CDLAlert has been sent reporting scheduled or unscheduled downtime for a specific vendor or resource.

Search and report problems via the CDL Helpline website

See instructions for logging into and using the CDL Helpline website.

See our troubleshooting guides

Find information on troubleshooting common ejournal problems, off-campus access, and more.

Report problems with Melvyl

Learn how to submit feedback about or report problems with Melvyl.

For the most part, you should always use the “Report a problem with UC-eLinks” link on the UC-eLinks menu to report specific UC-eLinks problems, because the article citation and workstation/web browser information is automatically supplied along with the feedback form. You can submit generic problems you’ve noticed with the UC-eLinks interface or service by sending email to

Urgent / Critical Issues

Call CDL Helpline: (510) 987-0555

Mon – Fri, 8 a.m – 5 p.m.

Always call the CDL Helpline (during normal working hours) when a resource is completely unavailable, e.g., when you cannot connect at all to a database or ejournal platform.

See After Hours to report problems with CDL resources after 5 p.m.

Non-urgent Issues

CDL Helpline Website Login

CDL Helpline Website Instructions