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Resources For

CDL Resource Collections

Resources for Campus Libraries

Information for UC campus libraries about electronic resources, including which resources are licensed by CDL for the UC campuses, how best to use them, and how to report an outage.

Resources for Content Contributors

Information for collecting institutions and repositories (such as libraries, museums, and historical societies) interested in contributing materials for preservation, digitization, access, and publishing.

Resources for Faculty

Information for UC faculty and other researchers about CDL services they can use directly to conduct research as well as publish and preserve their work.

Resources for Technologists

Information– such as system overviews, technical documentation, product roadmaps and links to code repositories– for developers and technologists interested in understanding or contributing to the tech and systems that support our services.

Resources for Vendors

Information for vendors interested in working with the CDL, such as enrollment data, licensing and technical guidelines, and licensing process documentation.