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Discovery & Delivery

The Discovery & Delivery (D2D) team focuses on making interactive library systems work well together. We connect faculty, students, and staff with seamless access to the University of California libraries’ extensive research collections.

“Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technologies – it happens when society adopts new behaviors.”

– Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody

What We Do

The Discovery & Delivery team provides core library services. We understand the most critical thing we do is to connect faculty, students and staff to the research publications they want.

We do this by integrating and simplifying library systems to give our users reliable and seamless access to books and articles.

  • Our focus is on academic users — the University of California researcher or library staff member supporting researchers.
  • We look for opportunities to deliver library services where and how users want them — on the web, from home, using their favorite sites such as Google Scholar or PubMed.
  • We continually look for ways to make our library services easier to use and more convenient.

We deliver what users need, the way they want it.

Our Strategic Goals & Priorities

  • Integrate the widest range of contents with delivery tools and services.
  • Become an academic counterweight to commercial providers.
  • Remove barriers to make it easier for end users to use our services.

Discovery & Delivery Services and Projects


AGUA provides key collection data to the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) and UC Libraries Shared Print Initiative.

Resource Sharing

Resource Sharing facilitates consortial borrowing and interlibrary loan from beyond the UC system for UC faculty, students, and staff.

UC Library Search is the primary discovery service for the collections of the UC Libraries.


Zephir ingests, stores, and manages bibliographic metadata for HathiTrust.

Discovery & Delivery Team

Collett, CharlieProgrammer Analyst
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Cormack, BarbaraSenior Metadata Analyst
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Dobry, JudyTechnical Team Manager
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Ferrie, JoeProgrammer Analyst
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Houghton, SarahDirector, Discovery & Delivery
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Jemison, DanaSenior Metadata Analyst
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Liu, LucyProgrammer Analyst
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Nelson, CaitlinDiscovery & Delivery Product Manager
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Pham, LamSoftware Engineer
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Ray, AlisonSenior Systems Analyst
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Stone-Logan, GemSenior Systems Analyst
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van Bronkhorst, RaidenSoftware Engineer
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