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Identifiers made easy.

EZID (easy-eye-dee) makes it easy to create and manage long-term, globally unique identifiers for your data and sources, ensuring their future discoverability.


  • Create identifiers for anything: texts, data, bones, terms, etc.
  • Manage your research objects more easily with shareable, unbreakable links
  • Store citation information for the objects in a variety of formats
  • Fit identifiers into your automated workflows with our standards-based API

Why use EZID?

  • Open data, open science, open access initiatives are spreading
  • Funders demand management and tracking
  • The changing role of the library, with scholarly communication evolving to include data
  • Storage has gone global

Buttrick, AdamSenior Product Manager - Persistent Identifiers
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Jiang, JingSenior Software Developer
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