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Shared Cataloging Program

The California Digital Library’s Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) provides catalog records to the ten University of California campuses for shared licensed and selected open access electronic resources. Established in February 2000, the program is based at UC San Diego.

Quick Links

CDL-Licensed Electronic Resources

Charts host, package name, package details, URL construction, and cataloging status.

CDL Conventions for Cataloging Electronic Resources

CDL and SCP conventions for fixed fields, variable fields and notes for electronic serials, electronic monographs, and online databases.

SCP Cataloging Priorities

SCP priorities guidelines, annual standing priorities, and quarterly project priorities

Request Cataloging

Make a cataloging request for:

Individual OA Journal Titles

A New Collection

Monitor request status:

Status of Individual OA Journal Titles

Status of New Collections

Shared Cataloging Program Team

Chodur, JasonMetadata and ETL Specialist
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Culbertson, BeckyMetadata Librarian
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Deng, ShiHead, Shared Cataloging Program
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Garvey-Clasby, KateMetadata and ETL Specialist
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