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Organization, Priorities, and Strategies

The Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) provides catalog records for the University of California campus libraries. Established in January 2000, the program is based at UC San Diego.

The main goals of the SCP are to ensure the representation of CDL-licensed materials in UC campus integrated library systems and (through the campus ILSs) to the Melvyl® Catalog in a timely fashion, to maintain the currency of subscriber and coverage data, to eliminate the redundancy of cataloging efforts among the UC campuses, and to keep links current through the use of persistent identifiers.


SCP Advisory Committee

Includes committee charge, meeting minutes, and advisory/policy structure.

Campus contacts related to SCP activities, including advisory committee members, cataloging liaisons, systems liaisons, and proxy contacts.

SCP Advisory Policy Structure

Diagram of groups and reporting lines.

SCP Overview (April 17, 2017)

Priorities and Strategies

SCP Cataloging Priorities 

Addresses questions about SCP cataloging priorities and how they are established

SCP Phased Cataloging Strategies

Outlines two cataloging strategies for newly acquired packages, or existing packages as deemed appropriate, involving batch processing and minimal verification. (03/23/09)

Proposals for New Cataloging Projects 

Request form for submitting cataloging requests for groups of free or licensed titles to the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC).