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Resource Liaisons

Resource Liaisons provide a crucial link between the UC system and our licensed resource vendors, as well as providing a link between CDL and the campuses. Resource Liaisons serve as the primary conduit to communicate resource issues to vendors and CDL, as well as providing expertise and assistance for activities during the resource’s lifecycle.

Resources for RLs

Monitoring Your Resource

Learn about monitoring and assessing your resource.

Communicating About Your Resource

Who to contact and through which channels.

Processes and Procedures for Active Resources

Guiding principles for customization and transition of resources.

About the Resource Liaison Program

Program Charge

Background and tenents of the Resource Liaison Program.

Roster of Resource Liaisons

Current Resource Liaison membership and resource assignments.

Resource Liaison Activities

Schedule of upcoming meetings and webinars, and recordings of past webinars.

Information for New RLs

Important resources for new resources liaisons.

RL Recruitment Process

Steps to becoming a resource liaison.

Reporting Issues