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Resource Liaison Recruitment Process

The Resource Liaison serves as the “resident expert” for a resource and/or platform, providing information on vendor performance and resource content to the CDL and the vendor. The Resource Liaison is also responsible for sharing information and soliciting opinions from colleagues regarding their assigned resource. It is a role that involves UC-wide activity and visibility.

We’re looking for someone who can make a multi-year commitment to being in this role, who uses the resource regularly, and will be comfortable being in a “point” role with vendors, and CDL and campus employees and users.

Step 1: Find your resource

You can find a resource in need of an RL in one of three ways:

  1. Through an explicit call from your CKG subject group chair: periodically, resource RL assignments are actively recruited through calls placed via the subject-specific CKG’s.
  2. As a recommendation from the current assigned RL: particularly in the case of retirements or job changes, an outgoing RL will often recruit their replacement.
  3. Review the “Unassigned Resources grouped by platform/vendor” at Resource Liaison rosters.
    • This view is useful as there might be more than one resource from the same vendor that needs an RL (and can leverage a single vendor relationship and understanding of the platform/functionality).
    • Any resource on this list is available for assignment.
      • “RL Needed” indicates a recent vacancy or a resource that has had recent activity (such as a platform change).
      • “No RL Assigned” is a catchall for all unassigned resources that would benefit from having an assigned RL.
      • “No RL Needed” appears on other rosters, and indicates a resource that we are tracking at CDL, but would not benefit from an RL.

Step 2: Get your supervisor’s approval

Once you have identified a resource you’d like to work with, and/or once you have discussed your interest with your bib group chair or the outgoing RL, contact your supervisor, and have them send an email confirming their approval to the Resource Liaison Coordinator (

Step 3: Get your SCLG Representative’s approval

Contact the SCLG Representative for your campus and have them send an email confirming their approval to the Resource Liaison Coordinator (

Step 4: Assignments

Within the month, you will be added to the RL rosters and listservs, and provided with additional information about the resource liaison program and your assigned resource(s), along with an introduction to your vendor contact(s).

Thank you for your interest! Please contact with any questions.