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Resource Information

Get details about the availability, licensing and status of titles and journal packages licensed by CDL.

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Redacted License Agreements

Redacted versions of original licenses entered into by CDL.

CDL Managed Resources

Participants, tier designation and renewal dates.

E-Resources Tracking: Packaging-Level Cataloging Details for CDL Electronic Resources

Package name and details, participating campuses, and URL use and construction. (Maintained by Shared Cataloging Program)

CDL Electronic Records Management (ERMS) Portal

Participants and licensing terms of use.

eBook Packages

eBook Collections, 2016

List of ebook collections (subject collections and exclusions).

Journal Packages

Journal Packages Business Terms for Current Journals

Business terms including cost models, cancellation terms, archiving and shared print.

Title Lists (at time of renewal)

Licensed titles within publisher package details.

Print renewals, cancellation instructions, and related information for managing campus subscriptions for titles in licensed journal packages.

Managing Changes to Journal Packages

Title management of CDL-licensed journals packages, including adding titles, managing title transfers, and trial access.

Transferred Journal Titles

CDL licensed journal titles transferring to licensed publishers and non-licensed publishers (orphan journals).