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Managing Changes to Journal Packages

Selecting Titles for Addition

CDL Acquisitions will manage requests to add new titles as part of the annual renewal process. CDL Acquisitions will forward title lists to JSC with supporting details including UC subscription information, campus requests, and the cost to add with proposed campus shares. JSC will review the lists of potential contract additions and forward its recommendations to CDC.

JSC will follow these general guidelines:

  • Journals that move from one CDL-licensed package to another CDL-licensed package will be added to the acquiring publisher’s package at renewal. See: Transferred Journal Titles.
  • Titles with a UC investment in campus subscriptions should be considered for addition.
  • Titles that do not have any UC investment in subscriptions (current or historic), including newly published titles, will be recommended for addition if supported by campus requests. Because most licensed packages use a “multiplication factor” to price titles for UC-wide access (See: Business Terms for Current Journals [XLS]), multiple campus requests or support by UC bibliographer groups may be needed to make it financially feasible to add a title. Requests should be sent to CDL Acquisitions ( with a copy to the appropriate JSC member.
  • For journals packages with a formal title adjustment process (currently Blackwell and Elsevier), the addition of titles is managed during the title adjustment process convened by CDC.

Titles Transferring out of Licensed Packages

CDL Acquisitions will monitor CDL-licensed journals packages for titles moving out of packages. See: Transferred Journal Titles.

  • Subscribed journals that transfer from one CDL-licensed package to another CDL-licensed package will be maintained.
  • Journals transferring to publishers not licensed by the CDL will be identified as “Orphan Journals.”
  • The list of Orphan Journals will be widely shared with campus groups including CDL Acquisitions Liaisons and bibliographer groups for action at the campus level.
  • Journals may be considered for Tier 2 (campus initiated) licensing or recommended to JSC as requests for Tier 1 licensing

Trial Access

CDC has advised against requesting UC-wide trial access for titles without a UC subscription history. Proposals to add titles to contracts should follow normal procedures and arise out of demonstrated demand. Individual campuses may elect to establish trial access, including access to titles that are made available for free by the publisher in their first year of publication, following local policies and procedures. Orders should not be placed for trial titles.

The CDL may request “complimentary” access to titles for which there are existing UC subscriptions when these titles transfer in (or become newly electronic) after the annual renewal process. CDC has advised that these titles be cataloged and UC e-Links established. Should they not be formally added the following January, records will be removed as would records for other deselected titles. Requests for complimentary access should be sent to CDL Acquisitions ( with a copy to the appropriate JSC member.

General Principles Guiding the Title Review Process

  • Management of our collections is more important than immediate access to newly published titles. Publishers will be advised not to activate new titles automatically unless such access is made available on a free or complimentary basis.
  • Ongoing review of e-journal packages for relevance, use, and possible cancellation is a priority.
  • CDL will attempt to negotiate a favorable systemwide price model for the addition of new titles to a package. Pricing models are listed in the spreadsheet “Business models for current journals”. See: Business Terms for Current Journals
  • The existing cost sharing (for the package) model will be applied to new titles added to CDL packages. For titles added post-renewal, the CDL may elect to fund in full until the title is folded into the package at renewal.