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CDL Mobile Support Policy for Systemwide Licensed Resources

Policy Highlights

  • Tools for assessing campus mobile readiness and evaluating a resource’s mobile functionality are provided below.
  • Proactive promotion of mobile access to systemwide licensed resources is at the discretion of the individual campus.
  • Support for users accessing campus-promoted systemwide licensed resources on mobile devices is provided by the individual campus.


As of May 2015, CDL has not seen evidence of user demand for access to systemwide licensed resources via mobile devices. Because of the low perceived demand, as well as significant variations in local campus infrastructure and other unique factors that affect the supportability of an individual campus user on a mobile device, a systemwide approach to mobile is not possible at this time.

CDL recommends that the decision to actively promote and support mobile access to a systemwide licensed resource should be at the discretion of the individual campus. In many cases, a user on a mobile device will be auto-detected and will be able to use a mobile optimized site without the need for additional instruction or promotion to users.

At this time, this “opt-in” approach for campuses to individually promote mobile to their campus’ users does not change the existing policies that recommend consistency of appearance and functionality for systemwide licensed resources – policies for consistent branding, interface configuration, access points and display will remain in place.

Although CDL will not be proactively evaluating vendor provided mobile access points for systemwide resources at this time, to assist campuses in making the decision to proactively promote and support mobile access generally, as well as to specific licensed resources, CDL provides the following tools:

Mobile is an emerging technology and continues to evolve rapidly. Please do not hesitate to contact CDL with comments, suggestions and/or questions about accessing systemwide licensed resources with mobile devices.

CDL will continue to monitor campus user demand for mobile access, and will update this policy and approach as needed.

If you are a UC library employee interested in mobile devices and their use to access licensed library resources, please contact as we are noting systemwide interest to create a Mobile CKG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Support Policy

CDL’s responsibilty in troubleshooting mobile functionality for systemwide licensed resources is limited to verifying that the content is accessible using remote IP access for the user’s campus from a desktop machine.

Further mobile-specific troubleshooting is the responsibility of the user’s campus.

CDL Helpline will:

  • Confirm that the resource (and specific article, if relevant) is accessible for that campus using remote access from a desktop machine.
  • If the user is having problems configuring their device for remote access, CDL will direct the user to their campus library.
  • If the user is having problems accessing content using a vendor-managed user account, CDL will direct the user to vendor support.

Policy History

This is an update of the Mobile Support Policy for CDL Licensed Resources policy drafted by CDL in August 2010. The 2015 updates to the policy include specific recommendations for mobile applications, as well as updates to the browser-based resource considerations from the 2010 report. Much of the additional research regarding mobile applications and issues with campus infrastructure was conducted as part of the BrowZine Task Force and systemwide BrowZine trial in early 2013.

Please direct any questions to