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UC Libraries Interface Branding

OpenURL / SFX Outbound Linking

UC-eLinks graphic (GIF) for use with OpenURL and SFX:

UC-eLinks URL:

Campus Naming Convention

Users should be presented with the message “Access paid by [campus library name]”

If only one message can be provided for the whole University of California, users should be presented with the following message: “Access paid by the University of California Libraries.”


Campus Long Name Short Name Destination Link Graphic URL
UCB UC Berkeley Library UCB Library TBD
UCD The UC Davis Libraries UCD Libraries TBD
UCI The UC Irvine Libraries UCI Libraries TBD
UCLA UCLA Library UCLA Library TBD
UCM UC Merced Library UC Merced Library TBD
UCR UC Riverside Library UCR Library TBD
UCSB UC Santa Barbara Library UCSB Library TBD
UCSC The UC Santa Cruz University Library UCSC Library TBD
UCSD The UC San Diego Library UCSD Library TBD
UCSF UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management UCSF Library TBD
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Library LLNL Library TBD
UC-Wide University of California Libraries UC Libraries TBD

Branding with Graphics

For systemwide or campus specific graphics for use to brand CDL licensed resources, please contact

More Information

Detailed information regarding vendor branding functionality expectations can be found in the Technical Requirements for Licensed Resources document.