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Projects, Pilots and Studies

In addition to coordinating the resource licensing process, the Licensed Resources group also undertakes various projects, pilots and studies to explore, evaluate, and recommend potential new technologies, distribution platforms, and ways of supporting library needs.

The following include current and ongoing activities. To learn about past activities, browse past Licensed Resources announcements on CDLINFO.

Projects, Pilots, and Studies

CDL Licensing Workplan

CDL licensing work plans are developed with the Joint Steering Committee (JSC).

CDL Licensing Workplan (2018-2019)

CDL Licensing Workplan (2015-2017)

JSTOR DDA Pilot (2017-2018)

A consortial demand-driven pilot with university presses.

Guidelines for Campus Acquisitions (2016)

Supporting CDL negotiations in progress.

Assessing E-Book and Print Book User Behavior in Academic Libraries (2015-16)

A focus group study on how graduate students engage with print books and e-books for their academic work.

UC Libraries Academic e-Book Usage Survey Report (2010-11)

A survey undertaken as part of the Libraries’ Springer e-Book Pilot Project to develop systemwide  strategies for acquiring e-books.