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UC Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund Pilot Survey 2014: Assessment Report Appendix

Sponsored by Collection Licensing Subgroup (CLS) and Strategic Action Group 1 (SAG1). For review by CLS and SAG1, July 29,2014.


  1. CLS Charge: February 2014
  2. Campus Survey Form (Blank): April 2014
  3. Campus Survey Results Summary: July 2014 (PDF) (XLSX)
    A summary of the survey results have been downloaded and saved here in two formats, PDF and Excel spreadsheet.
    The PDF was automatically generated by Survey Monkey and offers a quick and easy way to look at the data.
    The Excel spreadsheet was also generated by Survey Monkey but includes subsequent sorting and manipulation by the Assessment team.
  4. Current UC Campus Open Access Fund Policies: Open Access Publishing Funds(policies may have changed since the survey was completed)