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Stay up to date with latest news from all of the programs and services at CDL. Click on the email icons to subscribe to the various listservs.

Note: The email icon activates your computer’s default email system with a pre-populated email subscription message. If you do not use your computer’s default email system, then use the subscription steps below.

How to subscribe to a listserv

  1. To subscribe, send an email to
  2. In the body of the message (do not include a subject line), type: “subscribe name of listserv your name”, for example, subscribe EXAMPLE-L Rita Book

How to unsubscribe from a listserv

  1. To unsubscribe, send an email to
  2. In the body of the message (do not include a subject line), type: “UNSUBSCRIBE name of listserv”. (Don’t include your name.)


UC3 Newsletter

The UC3 newsletter is designed to provide announcements and updates regarding UC3 services.

Online Archive of California (OAC) / Calisphere Communications

This mailing list provides updates for contributing institutions about new OAC and Calisphere features, as well as new collection highlights.


CDL Alert Listserv

CDLALERT-L is designed to allow CDL to send announcements of systemwide interest to our users, e.g., database problems, notices for scheduled maintenance, access problems, etc. This listserv is for UC library staff only. The list is managed by Sherry Lochhaas and Kristen Chua.

CDLINFO Listserv

CDLINFO-L is designed to inform UC Librarians and the UC community about the progress of the CDL, policy issues under discussion, and newly available electronic resources. We hope that subscribers from the UC libraries will pass on selected information from the newsletter to faculty, staff, and students on their campuses, as appropriate. CDLINFO is also published on the web at The list is managed by Kristen Chua.

SCP Listserv

The SCP-L listserv is designed to share information and promote discussion about the Shared Cataloging Program (SCP). Regular postings to this list will include the SCP Monthly Update, which provides general information on SCP activities of note and new packages cataloged as well data on the most significant records distributions of the previous month, the final minutes of the SCP Advisory Committee, and the SCP Annual Report. Subscribers to this list include the members of the SCP Advisory Committee and all SCP staff so list subscribers who post questions can be assured of timely and informed responses. The list is managed by Shi Deng. []