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Policies and Procedures

Guiding policies and procedures for selecting, licensing and managing systemwide resources.

Collection Development Policies

Collection Development Framework

Principles guiding the development of CDL collections.

CDL Process for One-Time Purchases and Guidelines for Campuses When Purchasing Local Resources

Principles guiding the purchase of one-time resources.

Package vs. Title-by-Title Purchasing Considerations for E-Monographs

A checklist that is useful for decisions on whether to purchase an ebook package.

Factors to Consider When Licensing Out-of-Copyright Materials

Evaluation criteria for out-of-copyright resources; developed by CDL and Joint Steering Committee (JSC).

Open Access Resources at the UC Libraries

Policies and procedures for shared cataloging, linking, and management.

Managing Changes to Journal Packages

Title management of CDL-licensed journal packages, including adding titles, managing title transfers, and trial access.

Decision Flow for CDL Licensing

CDL licensing flow chart, including JSC, CDC, and Bibliographer Group decision points.

Cost Allocation Principles

Role of Co-Investment

The use of co-investment in building UC shared digital collections.

Cost-Sharing Models

Principles underlying the cost sharing model for co-funding electronic resources as endorsed by the JSC and CDC.

FTE Cost Models

New FTE-based cost models.

Current Year Standard Shares

Campus percentage shares recommended by the JSC.

Merced Shared Digital Collection Co-Investment Models

Goals and principles for the inclusion of Merced into Tier 1 licenses.

Policy for Co-Investment of Open Access Subsidies or Memberships with UC Authorship

Policy for allocating cost for OA resources.

Tiered Approach to Licensed Collections

Tiered Approach to Licensed Collections

Describes the dual (“tiered”) approach to licensing by the CDL and campuses; defines Tiers 1-4.

Licensing Toolkit

How to manage a Tier 2 license.

Resource Transition and Customization Principles

Resource Transition Principles

Principles for transitioning a resource from one platform to another.

Principles for Overlapping Access Periods

Principles for establishing overlapping access periods when changing resource providers.

Resource Customization Principles

Principles for resource customization and account administration.

Branding of Systemwide Resources

Logos and graphics for branding systemwide resources.

CDL Technical Guidelines for Vendors

Includes information about major technical issues, CDL’s preferred solutions, and the implications for vendors.

Emerging Technologies

CDL Mobile Support Policy for CDL Licensed Resources

Considerations for accessing CDL Licensed Resources from mobile devices.