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Bibliographer Group Chairs and Liaisons

For current chair and membership information, please view the Common Knowledge Groups website.

Summary Table of Bibliographer Groups Transitioning to Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs)

This table is provided for historical reference.

Discipline Previous Bibliographer Group Chair Common Knowledge Group (CKG)
African Studies Ruby Bell-Gam
African Studies
Art and Architecture Emilee Mathews
Art & Architecture
British/U.S.History and Womens Studies Becky Imamoto
British/U.S.History and Gender Studies
Business and Economics Michael Oppenheim
Social Sciences
East Asian Studies Toshie Marra
East Asian Studies
Education Christina Cicchetti
English and American Literature Jane Faulkner
Ethnic Studies Dan Tsang
Ethnic Studies
European History, Languages and Literature Claude H. Potts
European History, Languages and Literature
Geography/Maps/GIS (with Stanford) Mike Smith
Maps & Geospacial Data
Government Information Lucia Orlando
luciao@ucsc.eduKelly Smith
Government Information Libraries (GILS)
Health & Life Sciences Bethany Harris
Health & Life Sciences
Latin American Studies (Calafia) Myra Appel
Linguistics Adam Siegel
Middle East Shayee Khanaka
Middle East Studies
Music Scott Stone
News Dan Tsang
Performing Arts (Dance, Film, Theatre) Diana King Performing Arts and Media Studies
Philosophy & Religious Studies Gary Colmenar
Physical Sciences and Engineering Deborah Kegel
Physical Sciences & Engineering (PSE)
Political Science Joseph Yue
Social Sciences
Psychology Michael Yonezawa
Social Sciences
Reference David Michalski
Social Science Data Libbie Stephenson
Social Sciences
Sociology & Anthropology Annette Marines
Social Sciences