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Tiered Approach to Licensed Collections

We conceive of the CDL as a virtual, collaborative library with content funding based on a co-investment model among UC campuses and the CDL. Creating conceptual tiers based on how material is licensed and who has access assists in differentiating between types of material and responsibilities for it.

Licensed Collection Tiers

Tier # of Participants Vendor Negotiation License Review License Signature Cataloging, SFX, Vendor Payment, Maintenance CDL Funding Availability

Varies, usually 9-10


Maybe, in whole or in part


Varies, usually 4-10


Tier 2 Coordinator (Campus)


Tier 2 Coordinator’s Campus


Tier 2 Coordinator’s Campus

3 1 Campus Campus Campus Campus No

Assisted 3

1 Campus Campus CDL Campus No

Tier 1

Material that is licensed and managed by CDL for all 10 campuses (or 9 campuses if the content is non-medical and UCSF is excluded). The CDL negotiates the license and all UC users have access to this material. It may be funded, in whole or in part, by the CDL along with campus co-investment.

Tier 2

Material that is licensed and managed at a local campus, with the assistance of the CDL, for users at four or more campuses.

Tier 3

Material that is licensed, managed and funded at only one campus.

Assisted Tier 3

Campus purchases that are related to Tier 1 licenses signed by CDL. Campus librarians negotiate and verify terms (pricing, content, etc.), and CDL signs.

Tier 4

Material that is licensed by individual subscribers or funded by units other than a UC campus general library, and to which access may be limited to specific groups such as UC law or business schools.

Sample text to describe access to a resource

This title has been licensed for electronic access by UC faculty, staff, and students, and on-site library users at some UC campuses. To determine if your campus has licensed access, contact a reference librarian at your campus library.