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SAE Digital Library is now SAE MOBILUS

The SAE Digital Library is now SAE MOBILUS, with a new name, URL and functionality. The SAE Technical Papers and Technical Papers Archives are a Tier 2 license.

Participants by collection:

Technical Papers: UCB (including LBL), UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCR

Technical Papers Archives: UCB (including LBL), UCD, UCI, UCLA

SAE MOBILUS is available at

Note: Currently, this resource does not work via the UCI WebVPN service and is being investigated. In the interim, SAE is available off-campus using the software VPN. Please see for more information and report any access issues with this resource.

Details below on the new SAE MOBILUS platform are from the SAE MOBILUS User Guide [PDF].

The new SAE MOBILUS homepage includes

  • Featured Article: A new featured article will be highlighted daily,
  • Recently Published: SAE International regularly adds new content to the site. Use this section of SAE MOBILUS to quickly access the 20 most recently published standards, technical papers, and journal articles,
  • Most Popular Downloads: The mobility engineering content that has been the most in-demand for the past 30 days is displayed. These top 20 downloads offer the latest trends in technical interests,
  • And other new features.sae1

For campuses with access to the SAE Digital Library Technical Papers Backfile 1906-1997, click the + next to Collections in the left sidebar to display date chunks (e.g., 1980-1989) for limiting.

Search Result Task Bar

The search result page contains a “Search Result Task Bar” that will appear when you select a title by using the check box to the left of the document name, or as you use “Select All”. This task bar will remain active as you scroll up and down the search result page. See below.



From the Task Bar you can Export the selected title metadata and citations; Download documents in available formats; save Favorite items to the Dashboard (requires personal login); and Share a document via email.


In the Dashboard you can create folders, organize documents, and save searches. The Dashboard requires a personal login. If you already have a personal login for an SAE product, or service, please use those credentials.  If you do not have a personal login for an SAE product or service, you will need to register for the Dashboard. Registration is free, and requires basic demographic information.

Dashboard features include

  1. Recent Activity: The recent activity displays a list of keyword searches that the user recently conducted on the SAE MOBILUS platform. A hyperlink of the keyword search used is available to instantly launch the search results.
  2. Annotations: Many Technical Papers have the option to “View/Annotate” from the summary and detail page (see Section 5). Any annotation made will be automatically saved to the “Annotations” folder.
  3. Favorites: You are able to tag documents as “Favorites” in SAE MOBILUS (See section 6). Once the document is classified as a Favorite, you are able to save the document to personally created and named folders found within the “Favorites” folders.
  4. Saved Searches: If there are searches that you routinely conduct, you can now save them to the “Saved Searches” section of the Dashboard.

Julia Gelfand (UCI), Resource Liaison for SAE.