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Category: UC Libraries News

Investigating a Better UC Ebook Reading Experience

If you are a library patron, reading an ebook on your phone or tablet is hard. That’s because, depending on the publisher, different ebooks require different reading apps. To get around this problem, the New York Public Library developed an […]

Introducing the UC Libraries HathiTrust Help Center Newsletter

The inaugural issue of the UC Libraries HathiTrust Help Center Newsletter was published October 28. This new quarterly publication will provide news and information about UC’s participation in and contributions to the HathiTrust Digital Library. The newsletter will keep UC […]

Thousands of older dissertations from UCSF newly available in eScholarship

Over three thousand dissertations and theses digitized from UCSF’s archives, originally submitted to the university between 1965 and 2006, were added to eScholarship this year. These titles cover topics as disparate as the pregnancy experiences of black women, AIDS and identity in the gay […]

Public Domain Expansion 2022: Highlights of the Harlem Renaissance and Modernist Writers in HathiTrust’s Newly Opened Volumes

On January 1, 2022 the public domain expanded in the United States to include works published in 1926. This is only the fourth expansion of the US public domain since 1998, when the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act increased […]

UC Davis Library and California Digital Library launch project to explore expanded lending of digitized books

Digitized books have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for university libraries and scholars, the first 18 months of the pandemic threw their value into sharp relief. As campuses across the country closed, many libraries began offering expanded access […]

UC Davis Contacts Alumni Authors in Successful Project to Open Theses and Dissertations for Worldwide Access

This article is based on the transcript from the HathiTrust Slack Pop-up held December 16, 2021 and the Dissertation Licensing in HathiTrust: Webinar & Virtual Chat held January 19, 2022. Both featured Sara Gunasekara from UC Davis, and Kristina Hall […]

Introducing Digital Preservation Leadership and thanking past members of the Working Group

Dear UC Library colleagues We are writing to inform you of the newly formed Digital Preservation Leadership Group (DPLG) within the UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS)  structure. This group is charged by the Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) to lead […]

Introducing the UC Libraries HathiTrust Help Center

CDL’s Digitization team is pleased to announce the launch of the UC Libraries HathiTrust Help Center, designed for UC libraries staff who participate in, contribute to, and/or use the HathiTrust Digital Library.  The new Help Center will allow users to: […]

Register now for the UC Libraries Forum Conference, October 26-29th!

Dear UC Libraries colleagues, The UC Libraries Forum 2021 planning committee is excited to announce that registration is now open for the UC Libraries Forum 2021 Conference!  Registration is free and open to all UC library staff who wish to […]

Welcome, UC Library Search!

Today, the manner in which patrons and staff discover materials across the entire University of California has fundamentally changed with the introduction of UC Library Search. Replacing Melvyl, which has dutifully served as the UC union catalog since 1981, UC […]