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Category: Message from the Executive Director

Introducing CDL’s Strategic Vision

When CDL set out to articulate a new strategy for our organization, we called the activity “strategic visioning,” not “strategic planning.” While a subtle distinction, it was a deliberate attempt to differentiate what we were doing from more traditional strategy […]

Message from AVP / Executive Director

It’s early days for a message of deep substance, but never too early to say hello! I started work at CDL less than two weeks ago when a small ad-hoc greeting committee opened the door at 415 20th street. You’ll […]

CDL Transitions: The Arch Wherethro’ Gleams that Untravell’d World

On September 30th, CDL said a poignant farewell to Laine Farley as she headed into a well-earned retirement after nine years at the helm of the CDL.  As CDL’s longest serving Executive Director, Laine presided over many of the CDL’s […]

Undefined Future Uses

Last week I attended a lecture titled “Computing and the Practice of History” by Dan Cohen, Director of the Center for History and New Media  at George Mason University.   He focused on three things to explore how the digital […]

The Progress of Preservation

I was very pleased by the nice recognition from Library of Congress’s “Top Ten Digital Preservation Developments of 2012” of three projects CDL has been involved in: The DataUp Project. The University of California Curation Center at the California Digital […]

DataCite Turns One

Recently I attended the General Assembly of DataCite, the international organization devoted to providing a reliable means of citing research data. The organization has made remarkable progress in a year and is well on the way to providing this critical […]

The Scholar’s Library is Global

There has been much talk of late about the need for and possibility of creating a National Digital Library (see the call by Robert Darnton and one response by Roy Tennant ( ). An especially thoughtful response by Paul Courant […]

Uncommonly In Common

Colleagues from JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) Rachel Bruce and Neil Jacobs visited CDL on October 29. We have often met with various representatives from JISC who have been engaged in many of the initiatives, services and issues that are […]

Welcome to CDL’s remodeled web site

Redesigning a web site has much in common with remodeling a house.  It takes longer than you anticipate, you find unexpected challenges along the way, and in the end, you can’t imagine how you lived without it.  Our remodel features […]