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Welcome to CDL’s remodeled web site

Redesigning a web site has much in common with remodeling a house.  It takes longer than you anticipate, you find unexpected challenges along the way, and in the end, you can’t imagine how you lived without it.  Our remodel features many new improvements and I want to highlight a few that are my favorites.

Our new graphics and better search and navigation features are not just the equivalent of granite countertops and stainless appliances that bring cosmetic improvements.  In the case of the search engine, we have upgraded to our own tool, XTF (eXtensible Text Framework).  Not only is it a sophisticated search engine, it also allows us to experience first-hand what users of our services (such as Calisphere and eScholarship) encounter, as well as other institutions that use this open source software.  By experiencing it ourselves, we can continue to improve it.

As with any good logo, I hope our new graphic inspires a range of creative interpretations.  I believe it embodies our approach of providing services throughout the research life cycle and it suggests the partnerships that are so vital to our work.  As you explore CDL’s services, you will see (through graphics in addition to words) how our work reflects these characteristics.

Another focus that I am particularly proud of is the many ways you can meet our staff.  One message we heard loud and clear from our constituents is that they want to know who does what, who to contact, and what kind of expertise they offer.  Through the listings of project teams, document owners, contact names, and especially staff profiles, you can now meet our impressive cast of characters.  You’ll find librarians of course, but also linguists, artists, photographers, mathematicians, musicians, technologists, architects (of virtual spaces), and even a pharmacist.  They have skills in negotiating, project planning, marketing, publishing, information design and architecture, software development, analysis, technology management, communication, and most of all, collaboration.

You can also hear what they have to say through blogs and other social media such as Twitter and Facebook as well as their more formal publications.

I invite you to explore our new space, meet our staff, and collaborate with us to develop digital library solutions.