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Category: Strategic & Project Planning

UC Libraries Announce Open Access Publishing Fund Pilot

By Joanne Miller, Senior Analyst, Strategic and Project Planning The UC Libraries are pleased to announce new campus-based open access fund pilots to support UC faculty members who wish to make their research findings immediately and freely available to the […]

A line from here to there

What is the most direct route to from start to finish? This morning I walked to BART behind a guy who veered right and left on the sidewalk as he almost ran to the station. It was 7 am, and […]

DataCite Metadata Scheme is published

The DataCite Metadata Scheme has been finalized and is now available here ( After many months and a lot of very early morning conference calls with my European colleagues, I am delighted to make this announcement. The core group that […]

Now, Dashboard! Now, Dancer!

Are you using a dashboard to assess your organization’s performance? At CDL, we decided to give this approach a try. This time last year, I was beginning the necessary background work, including gathering initial data that would help me understand […]

A time for thanks

This is a good time to pause for a moment and take stock, to reflect on what we have, where we are, and to say thanks. There is always plenty of time for thinking about what we might be missing […]

Go Giants! Persist!

Hundreds of thousands of Giants fans crowded the streets of downtown San Francisco ( to welcome their conquering heroes home, many having waited a lifetime for the pleasure. Orange and black confetti poured out office buildings lining the business district. […]

Reducing the Cost of Change

Two of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, Jim Highsmith and Alistair Cockburn, have said here that the strategy behind Agile methods “is to reduce the cost of change.” To me this is a provocative phrase, “reduce the cost of […]

Leaping over tall buildings

Can a project manager be a hero? Should she or he be one? These questions came up at a meeting here. Some felt that bringing certain projects to successful conclusion was, indeed, heroic. They thought it took special determination, that […]

Earthquake weather

It’s a beautiful, warm October day here in the Bay Area. And yet, I have to admit, that warm autumn days can sometimes give me a slight sense of foreboding, because they remind me of the seasons when we’ve had […]

Repeating patterns

Using patterns as the basis for creativity is common in the world of design.  It seemed counter-intuitive to me until I read Designing Social Interfaces, a book that calls itself “a family of social web design principles and interaction patterns.” […]