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Tag: metadata

EZID introduces a batch download feature

EZID has just implemented a feature allowing clients to download a copy of all or some of their identifiers and descriptive information (i.e. metadata). We call it “batch” download, because EZID returns all requested identifiers in one large file. Clients […]

EZID introduces an OAI-PMH interface

EZID has just implemented a standard Open Archives Initiative, Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) interface, allowing external harvesting of the information we store for most of our identifiers. That’s right–not all identifiers are included. Eligibility criteria are: only real identifiers […]

Announcing DataCite Metadata Version 3.0

Scholarly research is producing more digital research data, and scholarly communication depends on data to verify findings, create new research, and share outcomes. Until recently, a persistent approach to access, identification, sharing, and re-use of datasets has been missing. DataCite, […]

DataCite Metadata Scheme update

The DataCite Metadata Scheme has been updated, and the schema and accompanying documentation are now available in Version 2.1. The Schema is accessible at this location: ( The documentation is here: Several early adopters and other careful readers […]

CDL seeks developer for international preservation registry project (UDFR)

Are you a developer who is passionate about digital curation, linked open data, and open-source projects? Would you like to work on a project which contributes to the international digital curation, preservation and repository communities? Do you want to work […]

DataCite Metadata Scheme is published

The DataCite Metadata Scheme has been finalized and is now available here ( After many months and a lot of very early morning conference calls with my European colleagues, I am delighted to make this announcement. The core group that […]


Since March, I’ve had the opportunity of working with the UC3 team at CDL.  I joined part time, you might say, as the project manager for the EZID/DataCite project. (I wear a lot of hats here.) In this role, I’m […]

Strength in diversity: notes from the DataCite Conference

In his groundbreaking book Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond argued that Europe’s key advantage over China during the Age of Exploration was the sheer number of European political entities. Christopher Columbus heard “No” from one sovereign and still had […]