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Announcing DataCite Metadata Version 3.0

Scholarly research is producing more digital research data, and scholarly communication depends on data to verify findings, create new research, and share outcomes. Until recently, a persistent approach to access, identification, sharing, and re-use of datasets has been missing. DataCite, an international consortium of research libraries, national data centers and national libraries was founded to meet this need. California Digital Library (CDL) is a founding member of DataCite, and CDL’s EZID ( service provides DataCite DOIs, as well as other identifiers.

DataCite has announced the release of Version 3.0 of the Metadata Schema. Documentation for the new schema is available at The DataCite Metadata Store (MDS) will accept Metadata Version 3.0 immediately. The MDS will continue to accept submissions using the prior versions of the Schema for the foreseeable future.
Key new features of Version 3.0  include:

  • Better support for depiction of dates by implementing the RKMS-ISO8601 standard for date ranges.
  • New support for recording data collection location, with box and point coordinates, as well by using a free-text description.
  • Provision of a mechanism to associate additional metadata so that discipline-specific descriptions can be added to DataCite’s more generic schema.
  • And, finally, numerous improvements to the documentation, including:
    • greater detail, explanatory material and definitions for controlled lists
    • more and more varied XML examples on the Metadata Schema website
    • and, indicators of which optional properties are most important for helping the metadata to be found, cited and linked to original research.

A full list of the changes can be found starting on page 4 of the documentation.

For EZID clients who use the application programming interface (API), these changes can be taken advantage of immediately. For information about how to submit a DataCite XML file, see ( For EZID clients who use the user interface (UI), we will be introducing a new DataCite XML entry form in the very near future conforming to the new V 3.0 schema.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the EZID Team.