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Tag: project management

A line from here to there

What is the most direct route to from start to finish? This morning I walked to BART behind a guy who veered right and left on the sidewalk as he almost ran to the station. It was 7 am, and

The Project Post-Mortem: A Valuable Tool for Continuous Improvement

Now that your team has finally delivered its project, there is one more important step before the team disbands: the project post-mortem. The name might sound forbidding (some people prefer to call it a “project retrospective”), but it really just

Launch Your Project With A Brief Energizing Goal

Have you ever worked on a project team and found you weren’t really sure what the goal of the project was? Leslie and I recently attended a University of California Extension project management class. The instructor, Cheryl Allen, shared an

Leaping over tall buildings

Can a project manager be a hero? Should she or he be one? These questions came up at a meeting here. Some felt that bringing certain projects to successful conclusion was, indeed, heroic. They thought it took special determination, that

Repeating patterns

Using patterns as the basis for creativity is common in the world of design.  It seemed counter-intuitive to me until I read Designing Social Interfaces, a book that calls itself “a family of social web design principles and interaction patterns.”

More Visuals: Picture Your Strategic Plan

Your team has a strategic plan. Now how do you make sure it’s front of mind (and easy to comprehend) for the people implementing it? Creating a one-page infographic chart of your plan is one solution. In this third installment

Just one more thing…

I suspect that we don’t often link projects and perfection in our minds. Projects–even well-run projects–are human affairs with ups and downs, ins and outs. The art of project management is learning how to keep the project on track even

The heart of a sprinter

Your project timeline has just been cut, significantly. Let’s say it’s for a reason you understand. Does any part of you get excited? If so, you are one lucky project manager, because it means you have the heart of a

Update on the DataCite Metadata Working Group

It’s about time for a check-in on my experiences with the DataCite Metadata Working Group. I introduced this intrepid band a couple of months ago when we met face-to-face in Hannover, Germany. Since then, of course, we’ve dispersed to our

Bug tracking

I’m managing a project that recently launched an early limited release, and one of our next tasks was to select a bug tracking tool. It would help us manage tasks going forward. We had some choices because my organization doesn’t