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Tag: virtual teams

Update on the DataCite Metadata Working Group

It’s about time for a check-in on my experiences with the DataCite Metadata Working Group. I introduced this intrepid band a couple of months ago when we met face-to-face in Hannover, Germany. Since then, of course, we’ve dispersed to our […]

Project management and transformational change

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a day-long workshop to orient 3 new task force teams. In this context, a “task force team” is a 6-7 person team of experts drawn from different University of California (UC) campuses and […]

Strategic travel

Has your travel budget been getting you down? Or should I say, has the absence of a travel budget been getting you down? I’ve written here about what it takes to work remotely, and I’ve been thinking lately about how to […]

Project citizenship

In the fall of 2008, as CDL was gearing up to become deeply involved in HathiTrust, I was part of the team managing our efforts. We anticipated a long-term initiative encompassing many projects, committees, and workgroups, and that was just […]