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Evaluating Vendor-Provided Mobile Access Functionality

May 2015


Where mobile access points are not proactively promoted by a campus, the guarantee of functionality to the user and obligation to support is low. If there is campus interest in promoting a particular resource and mobile access point, the resource should be evaluated to ensure that the access and intended functionality is clear for the user, that the necessary administrative tasks have taken place to enable full functionality and that the mobile access is supportable.

CDL is providing a checklist to assist campus librarians assess mobile-provided vendor functionality against the expectations outlined in the Technical Requirements Document. This checklist is under development, and your comments and feedback on both the testing steps and the checklist presentation are encouraged.

Please keep CDL in the loop with the results of your testing and promotion, and also as you see demand for mobile access at your campus. We’re happy to work with the vendor to help resolve functionality and implementation issues as needed.

If you have any questions about this process, feedback on the checklist, or followup regarding mobile access to a particular resource, please contact