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CDL Resource Liaison Charge


It is important to monitor bibliographic and full-text content licensed by the University of California and hosted at external sites. In some cases, the features and functionality of a resource could be improved and, as a single large customer, we would like to influence product development. In others, the performance of a producer (server availability, completeness and currency of content, etc.) must be monitored. In both cases, there may be issues that should be brought to bear upon renewal.

Subject experts who regularly use these resources are in the best position to monitor functional progress, completeness of content, and performance and may be the most interested in the use data. They also are the most appropriate people to gather input from colleagues and users, and recommend enhancements to the resources.

Thus, campus-based “Resource Liaisons” are appointed to monitor and conduct ongoing evaluation of major products or groups of products from a single producer. Resource Liaisons serve 3-year terms, performing the following assignment:


  • Monitor assigned resource for technical and content performance, including reliability of access, updating of content, and removal and addition of features.
  • Identify enhancements you and your colleagues would like the producer to make, especially those that are consistent with our basic functional criteria (e.g., links to full-text, periodical holdings, etc.).
  • Coordinate input on assigned resource from your colleagues in the above as appropriate. (Resource Liaisons assignments will be announced via CDLINFO, and complete lists are posted online.).
  • Review online and vendor-provided educational material and recommend CDL educational activities for assigned resource.
  • Communicate enhancement requests and performance failure reports to vendors under the auspices of the CDL, in coordination with Resource Liaison Coordinator. Report to annually and as needed on activities. Report issues that should be raised before license renewal.
  • Periodically review usage data.