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Guidelines for Resource Liaisons and Statistics

Get Statistics for Review

Usage statistics play a central role in the Annual Resource Liaison Report and the resource renewal processes. To help simplify this process, statistics for many Tier 1 and Tier 2 resources are compiled annually by CDL. To obtain the usage statistics for your resource, please check these sources in the following order:

1. Annual Statistics Report

The Annual Statistics report contains package-level statistics for Tier 1 and Tier 2 resources, broken out by campus and summarized system-wide.

2. Scholarly Statistics (MPS)

The MPS ScholarlyStats service has been cancelled. MPS statistics files from 2015-2017 are available on SharePoint.

For access to older files, assistance with any of these reports or for help with data problems, please contact

3. Resource Liaison receives regular download of statistics from vendor

If you receive regular mailings of statistics from your vendor, please assess the last calendar year’s worth of statistics, and send a copy of the collected statistics to for inclusion in the annual statistics report and also send the basic contact / access information for obtaining future statistics.

4. Resource Liaison requests statistics from vendor

If you are comfortable doing so, feel free to go to vendor site and download the relevant statistics, or request directly from the vendor. Check the statistics access information for your resource  for user name and password. If there are any problems accessing the resource, or if this does not match your current information, please contact

5. Contact CDL

If you have problems obtaining statistics from your vendor or need assistance, please contact

Review statistics

Once you have the usage statistics for your resource, evaluate the statistics. This primarily serves as a sanity check, but as you are most familiar with the resource and issues surrounding use, you may identify information that may not be otherwise evident. Some ideas for evaluation:

  • General use (high / low?)
  • Compare to previous year
  • Trends?
  • Abnormalities?
  • Explanations to support observations (if known)