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Monitoring Your Resource

About Your Resource

Resource Liaison Assignments

Resource liaison assignments grouped by liaison.


Participants and licensing terms of use.

CDL Managed Resources

Renewal dates, participants, and tier designation.

Redacted License Agreements

Redacted versions of original licenses entered into by CDL.

Recent Resource Announcements

Information about new, updated, transitioned and canceled resources.

More Resource Information…

Monitoring your Resource

Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC)

Minutes from JSC meetings.

Collection Licensing Subgroup (CLS)

Minutes from CLS meetings.

CDL Licensing Plan

List of upcoming activities, projects and major negotiations, updated annually.

Information for Local Campus Acquisitions

List of current negotiations and considerations for local purchases.

Bibliographer Group Chairs

Bibliographer group chairs, by subject.

CDL Helpline

Incident data for issues reported to CDL Technical Support

Evaluating Your Resource

Evaluating and Assessing Licensed Resources

Resource evaluation criteria and checklist.

Guidelines for Resource Liaisons and Statistics

Location, availability, and processes related to usage statistics.

Resource Liaison Annual Survey Results

Comprehensive Information Pertaining to CDL Resources

Resource Information

Includes information on journal packages, business terms and title lists.

Policy and Procedures

Includes information on database transitions, customization principles, and Tier 2 licenses.