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Gem Stone-Logan Staff Profile

Gem Stone-Logan

Program / Service

Discovery & Delivery

Job Title

Senior Systems Analyst




Gem is one of the Alma Network Zone administrators for the University of California’s Systemwide Integrated Library System (SILS).


  • M.S. in Library and Information Science from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 
  • B.A. in Computer Science from Walla Walla University


Gem has been an integrated library system administrator for over 18 years. Prior to joining CDL in 2021, she worked in public libraries administering Horizon and Sierra systems.

Professional Interests

  • Integrated Library Systems

Troubleshooting quirky technical issues


Papers and Presentations

Selected Presentations:

“Beginning [Alma] Analytics,” eCAUG Conference, August 2023 (Google Slides, PDF)

“Basics of SQL and how to use it in Alma Analytics,” eCAUG Conference, August 2023 (Google Slides, PDF)

“Recovering From a Crashed [Horizon] Day End (Lightning Talk),” COSUGI Conference, April 2019 (PowerPoint)

“Automating [Sierra] Reports with Python,” IUG Conference, April 2018 (PowerPoint,)

“Customizing Third-Party Content in Encore,” IUG Conference, March 2016 (PowerPoint, PDF)

“Sierra Search Strategies,” IUG Conference, March 2016 (PDF)

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