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Do You Use Calisphere? Tell Your Story!

CDL’s Calisphere Website is a finalist for an IMLS National Medal Award.  Calisphere will be featured on the IMLS Facebook page on February 22.  If you’ve used Calisphere in your teaching, reference work, or research and found value in it, […]

Making connections

The other morning, I rather crankily tweeted, “I’m trying to write about barriers to adoption, thinking about technology + new business practices. Not that pleasant of a way to start day.” A day or two later, someone tweeted back, “I […]

Privacy matters

The [] conference held July 28 & 29 touched on privacy issues repeatedly, as might be expected for a conference dealing with topics such as geolocation and “augmented reality.” Lisa Carlucci Thomas in her keynote on “Risk, Reality, & the […]

Practicing at communities of practice

I like the phrase “community of practice.” It captures togetherness and the idea that we are practising something. We might not have it down pat. The notion has continual appeal, too, as an approach to knowledge sharing. When you try to create a community of practice […]

CDL’s Twitter account, Part 2

In an earlier post , I promised I’d cover our Twitter guidelines and also provide you with some information about how the account is performing. Before I get going, let me remind any readers unfamiliar with Twitter that “following” is a […]

How CDL’s Twitter account was born

Last October, CDL launched its official Twitter presence with a central account that channels the content of the CDLInfo newsletter  and also additional content created by CDL programs and individuals that the CDL account follows. In today’s post, I’ll tell you […]

CDL and CDLINFO are now on Twitter!

CDL has joined many of our colleague and partner institutions, like UC Riverside Libraries, UCSF Libraries, UC Press, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, OCLC, and many others in creating a Twitter account.