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Tag: professional fitness

Do You Need Help Saying ‘No’?

Do you cringe when you think about saying No to your boss, colleagues, friends or family? Do you already pride yourself on your toughness and ability to say No but find it creates tension sometimes? In either case, you will benefit […]

The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

Are you a perfectionist? Not that there’s anything wrong with that! We all agree it’s important to take pride in our work, set goals, and try to achieve them. Lena and I are perfectionists — it’s why we are so […]

3 Ways to be More Effective in Giving and Receiving Feedback

Unless you’re an art student or critic, giving and receiving feedback probably isn’t a formal part of your daily routine.  The interaction can be stressful and contentious, regardless of whether you are the giver or receiver.  Is it any wonder […]

5 Steps to Managing Your Performance Evaluation

Most of us shudder when it’s time for our annual performance review. Not only is it time-consuming but it can also be stressful, since you don’t know whether you and your manager will see eye-to-eye on your performance. You actually […]

Is Your Career Fit or Fat?

You exercise to build stamina and muscle. You meditate to gain greater serenity. You take your car to the mechanic to keep it running. In different ways, these are all about maintaining fitness. So what are you doing for your […]

How Portable Are Your Skills?

In the good old days, you worked at the same job for the same organization your entire work-life. Oh, you might get promoted or transferred, but you didn’t leave. There was an unspoken compact that you would give loyalty to the […]

How to Discover Your DNA

If you can’t say what your value is, how can you expect others to understand it?  It’s not enough to wait for someone to critique or praise you to know what your strengths or weaknesses are. You can take control […]

How to be Happy at Work

Are you happy at work? Are you happy with work? Are you supposed to be happy at work? Maybe you aren’t – after all, there’s a reason they call it “work.” I looked for the holy grail of happiness at […]

How to Embrace Innovation

Innovation is about making changes — doing things differently, thinking differently. What’s helpful to know is the changes you make don’t have to be huge and dramatic. Incremental changes like putting one foot into the gym to launch a long-term […]

5 Tips for Successful Career Collaboration

Why do we look so happy in these pictures? Lena and I are collaborators in the truest sense, both about our shared work and about our “professional fitness.” Our collaboration has been a boon to both our careers and a genuine personal pleasure. […]