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Category: Information Services

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL) Records Now in Melvyl

As of today, July 30, 2012, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL in the catalog) bibliographic records were added to UC Berkeley’s local OPAC, Oskicat ( and will now also appear in Melvyl under the holdings for UC Berkeley.   Examples of […]

Big Picture: The Latest at CDL

Looking for a current overview of what’s going on at the CDL?  Presentations and Q and A from the May 21, 2012 Users Council Meeting are now available for viewing at The focus of the meeting was driven in […]

CDLers (and UCBer) in Print

UC librarians Sherri Berger (CDL), Lynn Jones (UCB) and Ellen Meltzer (CDL) have contributed a chapter to Past or Portal?  Enhancing Undergraduate Learning through Special Collections and Archives, edited by Eleanor Mitchell, Peggy Seiden, and Suzy Taraba.  Their chapter, also […]

ProQuest New Platform to be Available; New ProQuest Training Materials

The new and current platforms of CDL-licensed ProQuest databases will run in parallel, beginning the week of May 6.  ProQuest currently encompasses resources on the ProQuest, CSA and Chadwyck-Healy (ChH) platforms, as well as related products such as Lexis-Nexis Congressional […]

Melvyl Central Index: Change in Language for Authentication Screen; Removal of SCIPIO

Based on user input, CDL has made the following changes to the Melvyl Central Index Pilot with the endorsement of the Melvyl Central Index task group: 1. The language on the Authentication screen has been modified. 2. The SCIPIO: Art […]

Melvyl Enhancements – February 2012

On February 28, 2012 (12:38 PM PST), OCLC announced the roll back of the software changes installed on Feb. 26 due to some performance issues. OCLC has since announced that the re-installation of the quarterly software changes is scheduled to […]

Melvyl Enhancements – November 2011

Several enhancements improve the user experience in Melvyl as a result of OCLC’s Sunday, November 20 install.  The improvements are shown in detail in the attached PDF.  (There are some items that do not apply to the UC libraries’ versions […]

Meet Rob Valentine

In its 2011 review, CDL was explicitly encouraged to “aggressively pursue external funding as a mechanism to fund the innovation and the delivery of more robust services to faculty and students” and to “expand fee-for-service offerings to external/ Non –UC […]

Licensed Database Transitions 2012: bepress/De Gruyter, Project Muse, Wilson/EBSCO, ProQuest

Several CDL and campus licensed databases will be transitioning to new platforms in the new year.  Below are several of the upcoming changes: The academic publisher De Gruyter is acquiring the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) portfolio of 67 journals in […]

CDL Position: Communications/Marketing Coordinator

University of California  – California Digital Library (CDL) Communications/Marketing Coordinator  (Sr. Communications Analyst) If you’re a mission-driven professional with enthusiasm for innovation in higher education, explore this position at the University of California’s California Digital Library (CDL).  As Communications/Marketing  Coordinator, […]