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ProQuest New Platform to be Available; New ProQuest Training Materials

The new and current platforms of CDL-licensed ProQuest databases will run in parallel, beginning the week of May 6.  ProQuest currently encompasses resources on the ProQuest, CSA and Chadwyck-Healy (ChH) platforms, as well as related products such as Lexis-Nexis Congressional (ProQuest Congressional), Factiva, Safari, Serials Solutions and Ulrichs.

The overlap period for locally licensed and systemwide licensed resources is intended to begin the week of May 6, with a full transition to the new platform for these resources on August 1.  The August 1 date is tentative, dependent on the resolution of outstanding technical issues that affect off-campus access at UCD, UCI, UCR and UCSF. CDL has been working closely with these campuses to resolve the connectivity issues. The overlap access period allows users and library staff to allow for gaining familiarity and experience with the new platform while having the legacy platform available as needed.

A link to a list of the CDL-licensed ProQuest databases is below.   (Your campus may have additional databases from ProQuest not included here, which will also be transitioned when the systemwide databases are transitioned in August.)  The PIDs for the CDL-licensed databases will be updated to go to an interim screen where users can choose between the legacy and new versions of the databases.  The interim pages also provide a space for detailed information and caveats regarding access to the new platform.

When the transition is complete, the PIDs will be directed to the new platform.

A full list of the databases with their PIDs as well as additional information is available at:

Training Materials for the New ProQuest Interface

ProQuest has a rich array of training materials for their new interface.  For the bulk of materials, go to

The materials range from links to YouTube tutorials, Quick Start Reference Overview, user guides, posters, table tents and more.  (Ignore the links on the upper left hand corner and focus on the links in the middle of the page.)  Some training materials are available in multiple languages, so if you’re an English language speaker, make sure you choose one in English.

ProQuest has also created a number of LibGuides for their resources, available at

On the LibGuides Web pages, you can find guides to specific databases, links to live Webinars and recordings, as well as screencasts and tutorials.

UC’s ProQuest Trainer Aimee Leverette has already or will be contacting the campus libraries to conduct in-person training sessions.  Stay tuned for more information on face-to-face training.