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Category: User Experience Design

UC Libraries Website – Help us test our new site architecture!

Here at CDL, we have embarked on a major web design and content migration effort for the UC libraries website. Please take a moment to help us test out our site navigation! (Thanks for your participation in our survey and

Who are Trevor, Darrell, Katie, Chloe, Lisa, Stacy, and Xiaowen?

Thanks to the HathiTrust User Experience Advisory Group, we now have a set of “personas” representing HathiTrust users.   For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, personas are composite fictional portraits created to represent different user types who

UC Librarians in Print – UC Library Homepages

“Academic library Web sites are complex mixes of information gateways and links to resources and services. Hours, staff directories, research guides, room reservation systems, catalogs, databases, and donor information are just a handful of the many things users look for

UC Libraries Academic e-Book Usage Survey Report

In a period of economic challenges, the University of California Libraries must have high quality information and analysis to guide their collection decisions. A new report, UC Libraries Academic e-Book Usage Survey, presents the results of a 2010 survey of 2,569

Websites: Make Them Accessible to Everyone

Is your website as accessible and inclusive as it should be for all your potential audiences?    The University of California is committed to providing an electronic environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. To make it easier

Mobile Usability Testing Rig for m.cdlib

By Jane Lee, CDL Senior Assessment Analyst In the summer of 2010, CDL’s User Experience Design team began investigating the possibility of creating a mobile version of CDL’s newly redesigned website. As part of its design process for creating an

CDL On-the-Go

The CDL website has gone mobile. Since the launch of our new web presence in January, 2010, the User Experience Design team has continued our commitment to finding new and timely ways to serve our users’ needs. In the summer

Let’s be consistent: Best Practices for UC Library Home Pages

UC Heads of Public Services (HOPS) appointed a task force to examine best practices for UC library home pages so that our users experience a consistently clear (and common) understanding of our services.  The task group’s report is now available.

All Things Mobile

By Rachael Hu, User Experience Design Manager Here at CDL, we’ve been working hard all summer immersing ourselves in all things mobile. And we’re excited to share with you our findings and next steps for mobile support and development for

UC HathiTrust Update

By Heather Christenson, CDL Mass Digitization Project Manager and HathiTrust Project Manager While some may have been enjoying the lazy days of summer, the HathiTrust has experienced a whirlwind of activity and growth.  UC continues to make great contributions! We