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Work in progress: UC libraries website redesign update, December, 2012

The following is another update on the progress of the 2012-2013 redesign project for the UC libraries website ( Here is some background on the project. (

We’re nearing the end of our last few months in the project timeline. In the last update, we had anticipated a December, 2012 release; however, due to unforeseen project and resource demands we have had to re-assess our timeline and are now targeting an end of February, 2013 release.

What has been completed in the last quarter of 2012.

  • All content has been migrated from old site to new site. All told some 1,000+ new HTML pages were created and entered into the CMS. 2,000+ non-HTML documents were migrated and metadata was assigned to each document so that our new search functionality could be optimized.
  • New search functionality was created.
  • We mastered a new CMS and learned all the ins and outs of bringing over old content into a new system.
  • Tested the CMS and are making changes according to the test findings so that our content contributors can have as good a user experience as our website users.

Timeline for the next few months…

December, 2012: Create user documentation and training modules for use of new CMS web editing process, clean up content consistencies, test and conduct search functionality fixes.

January, 2013: Refine visual design, refine CMS user interface, review content with content owners, make content updates, freeze content until release.

February, 2013: Archive old site, QA and testing, announce rollout of instructional sessions for CMS users, announce release of new site.