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Category: Technology

Digital Library Federation (DLF) releases Technical Recommendation from ILS Discovery Interface Task Group

The Digital Library Federation is pleased to announce the release of the technical recommendation of its ILS Discovery Interface (ILS-DI) Task Group. This document recommends standard interfaces for integrating the data and services of the Integrated Library System (ILS) with new applications supporting user discovery.

Bagit: Transferring Digital Content

The CDL Digital Preservation Group, under the leadership of John Kunze, has co-developed with the Library of Congress a format for transferring digital content.

California Digital Library Announces New Release of the eXtensible Text Framework (XTF)

The California Digital Library (CDL) is pleased to announce a new release of its search and display technology, the eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) Version 2.1. XTF is an open source, highly flexible software application that supports the search, browse and display of heterogeneous digital content.

CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects, Version 2.0: Updated for METS File element

The "CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects, Version 2.0" (CDL GDO) has been updated to include specifications for use of the METS File <file> element. 

CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects, Version 2.0: Updated requirements for METS unique identifiers

The "CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects, Version 2.0" (CDL GDO) has been updated to reflect modified requirements for METS unique identifiers. 

CDL recruiting for Manager, Infrastructure and Applications Support

The California Digital Library (CDL) invites applications for the position of Manager, Infrastructure and Applications Support.

Welcome to CDLINFO!

Welcome to the new and improved CDLINFO. Written primarily for University of California librarians and staff, this electronic newsletter provides updates about California Digital Library projects, initiatives, and newly available electronic resources. Beginning in 2007, CDLINFO was reformatted in order […]

CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects, Version 2.0 — available online

The CDL and Digital Library Services Advisory Group (DLSAG) are pleased to announce the release of the final version of the CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects (CDL GDO), Version 2.0. The guidelines are available in HTML and PDF format at […]

XTF Update

CDL announces the latest XTF release: version 1.9. The main feature of the new XTF release is greatly improved documentation.  Almost all features are now fully documented, allowing users to take better advantage of the system. Users of XTF version […]

Web Accelerators Can Cause Real Problems Accessing Licensed Resources

The use of web accelerators can be a great convenience. As accelerator use is becoming more and more prevalent it is necessary for campus library staff to be aware of the potential problems caused by their use and to communicate […]