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XTF Update

CDL announces the latest XTF release: version 1.9. The main feature of the new XTF release is greatly improved documentation.  Almost all features are now fully documented, allowing users to take better advantage of the system.

Users of XTF version 1.9 will also find the following new features:

  • Stylesheets with a real HTTP redirect, to send the user’s browser to a different URL
  • Improved full-text scoring, file handling and numeric data searching
  • New query operator: multi-field AND, that requires *all* terms to be present, but in *any* of the listed fields. Default stylesheets now use this for a basic “keyword” search.
  • New query operator: orNear.  This is like a typical OR query, except that when multiple terms are present in the same metadata field, their proximity is taken into account when scoring.
  • Experimental dynamic FRBR mode… see docs/experimental.html for details.

As always, please let us know if you encounter any bugs or problems with this release.

**We are also pleased to report that XTF continues to attract users across the globe.  Most recently, it has been deployed at the Grupo de Estudos em Dereito das Telicomunicacoes, where it is being used to run searches on Brazilian acts of telecommunication law.

View the site at:

(terms to try: fust, universalização, zona rural)