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Category: Systemwide Library Information

UC Libraries Advisory Structure Enters Next Phase

Planning for the new UC Libraries Advisory Structure has entered its next phase.  The Council of University Librarians has endorsed charges for the primary committees.  The committees are now named:  the Coordinating Committee; Strategic Action Group 1 (SAG 1): Scholarly

UC Libraries Announce Open Access Publishing Fund Pilot

By Joanne Miller, Senior Analyst, Strategic and Project Planning The UC Libraries are pleased to announce new campus-based open access fund pilots to support UC faculty members who wish to make their research findings immediately and freely available to the

Work in progress: UC libraries website redesign update, December, 2012

The following is another update on the progress of the 2012-2013 redesign project for the UC libraries website ( Here is some background on the project. ( We’re nearing the end of our last few months in the project timeline.

Next-Generation Technical Services Update: October 2012

In September, the NGTS Management Team proposed a slate of 2012-13 projects focused on implementing, further developing, and assessing various models of UC Libraries’ shared technical services operations to the Council of University Librarians ( The Council of University Librarians

Work in progress: UC libraries website redesign update

The following is a work-in-progress update for the 2012 redesign project of the UC libraries website ( This website is a web presence for all UC library groups and their systemwide activities. (This website is a separate entity from the

Next-Generation Technical Services Update: August 2012

UC Libraries Next-Generation Technical Services Transitions to 2012-13 Over the summer, the NGTS Management Team and the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) have been reviewing the work of the Power of Three (POT) groups ( with an eye

UC Libraries Website – Help us test our new site architecture!

Here at CDL, we have embarked on a major web design and content migration effort for the UC libraries website. Please take a moment to help us test out our site navigation! (Thanks for your participation in our survey and

Next-Generation Technical Services Update: June 2012 Review

Six of the Power of Three ( groups (POTs) have been charged and actively working since August 2011. Due to the complexity of “Developing policies and practices to implement a technical infrastructure for collaborative UC digital services,” POT 1 did

Next-Generation Technical Services Update: May 2012

Power of Three group activities are being reported as they align with the strategic goals of NGTS: Cooperative Collection Development POT 7 has been working on recommendations to manage and communicate all of the existing cooperative collection development activities within

Next-Generation Technical Services Update: April 2012

POT 1: Build the UC Digital Collection infrastructure POT 1 has chosen to use the agile methodology for gathering requirements for the Digital Asset Management System (DAMS). The team is using Pivotal Tracker software to track team activities. Several lightning teams ( have