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Welcome, UC Library Search!

Today, the manner in which patrons and staff discover materials across the entire University of California has fundamentally changed with the introduction of UC Library Search.

Replacing Melvyl, which has dutifully served as the UC union catalog since 1981, UC Library Search represents the greatest collaboration project to date between our ten campus libraries, two regional library facilities, and the California Digital Library, and has been four years in the making. To follow the launch of UC Library Search at each institution in real-time, see our project wiki.

UC Library Search features the following enhancements:

  • Search a home campus library collection as well as the collections of all 10 UC libraries in the same system;
  • Locate the full text of millions of print and online books, journal articles, and other content;
  • Borrow and renew materials from any library in the UC system without retyping a library card number.

With a single, unified system, the users of UC Libraries benefit from a centralized location and means to engage with the UC Libraries’ collections. UC Library Search also offers powerful tools to help the UC Libraries make data-informed decisions around collections development and new services for library users.

This launch is just the beginning; UC Library Search, powered by Ex Libris’ Alma and Primo VE platforms, will continue to evolve, refine and integrate additional functionality for the benefit of our users and staff.

This is a proud moment for the UC Libraries. Congratulations on this major accomplishment!