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Explore, Advocate, Build, Connect: CDL’s 2013-2014 Annual Report

annual_reportCDL is pleased to announce the release of its CDL AnnualReport 2013-2014. Over the past year, CDL continued to develop and refine its service portfolio at a remarkable pace, completing seven major milestones and conducting exploratory projects focused on understanding the needs and challenges faced by scholars working within a rapidly evolving research environment.

This year’s report details CDL’s accomplishments in multiple areas, including: expanding global access to research (the UC Open Access Implementation Project, SCOAP3); supporting data-intensive research (DMPTool, Dash and EZID); and building collaborative collections (consortial licensing, UC Libraries Digital Collection Project, Zephir, WEST and the Digital Public Library of America). Also included is information on CDL staff, funding sources, expenditures, memberships, and partnerships.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our work and to engage with us as we – in collaboration with our campus partners – strive to advance UC’s status as a world-class public research university.