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Author: Sherry Lochhaas

Iter Bibliography Moves to EBSCOhost

As of May 24, 2024 Iter Bibliography has migrated to EBSCOhost as the new hosting platform for subscribers, from its original platform at Iter through the University of Toronto (  UC has 7 campus subscribers to Iter Bibliography (UCB, UCD, […]

Duke ebooks at De Gruyter

CDL recently made a 3-year commitment to purchase the Duke University Press ebook frontlist packages at the De Gruyter platform, covering the years 2024-2026.  These frontlists will be funded through CDL. Additionally, CDL has purchased the Archive and Backfile of […]

Access Restored to CNKI Resources

In April 2023, CDL shared news that several of the UC’s CNKI resources would be suspended due to a Chinese government audit of CNKI’s platform, as announced by CNKI & East View. It was unknown at the time how long […]

Highlight on the Global Press Archive CRL collections

In 2022, CDL and the UC campuses committed to supporting the Global Press Archive CRL Phase 2 project, continuing the work accomplished in Phase 1. This project supports the digitization of millions of pages of content hosted on East View’s […]

Three New Newspaper Databases at Shanghai Library’s CNBKSY Platform

      Four UC campuses have recently purchased several newspaper archives at CNBKSY. Participating UC campuses include: Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego, and Irvine.   The China Times 時事新報 1911-1949  Access at: CNBKSY has digitized 147,000 pages of The […]

JSTOR Package Upgrade

Beginning January 1, 2024, 9 University of California campuses are upgraded to the JSTOR Archival Journals and Primary Sources Collection, also referred to as the JSTOR Full Access collection. All UC campuses except UC San Francisco will participate in this […]

New Japanese Resources

  The UC system has two new collections at J-DAC: Yokomizo Seishi Kyūzō Shiryō 横溝正史旧蔵資料  (Collection of Seishi Yokomizo) Access: This database offers online access to the collection of materials in more than 14,000 pieces comprising manuscripts, drafts, writing […]

Resource Change: World Scholar Latin America and the Caribbean

In 2023, World Scholar Latin America and the Caribbean (via Gale) changed its name to Archives of Latin American and Caribbean History, Sixteenth to Twentieth Century.   CDL owns the historical archive version of this product, with access for all 10 […]

Changes to Several Database Subscriptions (June 2023)

Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies In May 2023, Ebsco Information Services announced the decommissioning of the database Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies, with access ceasing at the end of our current subscription term, the end of June 2023. At this […]