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Author: Emily Stambaugh

Mellon Planning Grant Awarded to UC Libraries for a Western Regional Storage Trust

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the University of California Libraries a nine month planning grant to organize the “Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST)” — a shared print repository service, focused initially on retrospective journal archives.

Springer Electronic Book Package

The UC campuses have recently obtained perpetual access to nearly every Springer ebook published in English and German from 2005 to 2009, including Landolt-Bornstein, the largest compilation of data in physics and chemistry.

Shared Print issues a call for prospective monograph proposals in Area Studies

CDL Shared Print has issued a call for proposals for prospective Shared Print monograph collections in Area Studies. CDC and CDL Shared Print collaborated to design a new, distributed framework for cooperative monograph collecting which will support the continued development

New Shared Print Website

CDL/CDC Shared Print has a new website on Inside CDL.