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New Shared Print Website

Emily Stambaugh, Shared Print Manager

CDL/CDC Shared Print has a new website.

The new site is integrated into Inside CDL and can be accessed through the Collection Development Process and Collections pages.  The site consists of two parts:

1. Main Shared Print page

2. Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) pages
One of the goals for Shared Print is to bring greater visibility to current cooperative print agreements. These pages index the active cooperative print agreements made by UC Bibliographer groups, individual UC Libraries, extramural partners and the California Digital Library (on behalf of the UC Libraries).

The pages include active agreements that have been formalized and publicly posted.  Agreements that are managed by CDL/CDC Shared Print are identified with a special icon for Shared Print.

Agreements are grouped by Broad Discipline (Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Area Studies, Government Publications and Maps) and further identified as prospective or retrospective projects.