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Shared Print issues a call for prospective monograph proposals in Area Studies

By Emily Stambaugh, CDL Shared Print Manager

CDL Shared Print has issued a call for proposals for prospective Shared Print monograph collections in Area Studies.  CDC and CDL Shared Print collaborated to design a new, distributed framework for cooperative monograph collecting which will support the continued development of the UC Libraries’ collective collections of international materials.  The call has been issued to the Chairs of Bibliographer groups, particularly of Area Studies groups, with an anticipated deadline of January 30th and an open invitation for proposals throughout the year. The distributed framework envisions a nimble structure for campuses and extramural partners to make commitments to collect monographs in certain areas, supported by a formal Memorandum of Understanding between participating libraries and a common infrastructure to support cross-campus visibility of monograph orders.

As bibliographers prepare their proposals, CDL Shared Print has also appointed a temporary task force to guide the implementation of the Shared Print monograph proposals across the various library services and to investigate infrastructure requirements.  The CDL Shared Print Steering Task Force is comprised of leadership level experts from UC Libraries in collection development, technical services, acquisitions, cataloging, resource sharing, regional library facilities management and preservation.  A key component of distributed Shared Print collecting will be the development of policies and common standards of practice for shared materials across the functional areas of collection management and library services.  The task force will study and develop these policies and standards to support this new model of collection development.

For more information about CDC and CDL Shared Print’s framework development:

The Memorandum of Understanding:

The Shared Print Steering Task Force:

Proposal ToolKit (for bibliographers):